Is a special jonin higher than a jonin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is a special jonin higher than a jonin?
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Is a jonin higher than a special jonin?


What is higher a jonin or a special jonin?

Jonin is higher yeah. special jonin specialize in something specific. like anko does the chunin exams. and ibiki does interrigation and like twists peoples' minds and like drives them crazy or something.

Is Naruto a special jonin?

No, he is a genin

Are anbu better than jonin?

Anbu black ops are a special unit of shinobi. While Anbu is not technically one of the primary ninja ranks, most Anbu ninja were first jonin before they were recruited into the Anbu black ops. So in a sense, yes, they are generally more powerful than a regular jonin.

In naruto is special jonin better than jonin?

Naruto is officially still a genin, even though he appears to have surpassed his teacher. He is strong and I think he'd pass the chuunin and jonin exams with ease. The reason he hasn't yet is because, in the three years he had been training with Jiraiya, he simply didn't have the time for it.

When was Kakashi a jonin?

He became a jonin when he was 13

Is Shikamaru a jonin?

Yes. Shikamaru is a jonin

What is a Jonin?

A Ninja Ranking of Iga and Koga. A Jonin makes the decisions of what Genin or Chunin would do,Jonin were the strongest Ninja ever!Jonin studied great Taijutsu and Ninjutsu,Jonin knew everything Genin and Chunin had to do because he used to be a Genin and Chunin. A Jonin could know every jutsu ever.

What rank do you have to be to become a jonin in naruto?

Jonin is the rank under Kage/Village head. Before jonin comes chunin.

What is the highest rank in Naruto?

The Highest rank is Hokage then comes Jonin(there's a special variation of jonin that's called ANBU or Black Ops that do special missions) then Special Jonins(like medical groups and teachers) then Chunin then Genin and last Ninja academy student

How many Naruto ninja ranks are there?

There are actually quite a few, depending on what village you look at: In the Leaf, there are these: (Note: This is just an overview, not every single rank) Academy Student Genin Chuunin Special jonin Jonin Sannin Hokage (Kage)

Who is Ebisu?

Naruto Ebisu is an Elite Jonin or Special Jonin,who only trains the skilled Ninja. He is the Third Hokage's Assistant and is bodyguard of Konohamaru,his greatest fear: The Harem Jutsu,when he spies or hears Sexy Jutsu,he trembles in fear. Ebisu is a perverted Ninja. Naruto Shippuden Ebisu is a Jonin and Sensei of Team Ebisu or numbered,who brings the new and improved Konohamaru,Moegi,and Udon. Ebisu is no longer a special Jonin who only trains the elite Ninja,he is now a full-time sensei who leads a 3-Ninja Squad,though still reacts like a pervert sometimes.