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Tangible means ou can touch it. You can't touch a song, therefore it is intangible.

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Q: Is a song tangible or intangible?
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What if tangible net worth of a company is negative?

Nta is calculated as the total assets of the company subtract any intangible assets such as goodwill and trademark, less all liabilities. The nta essentially represents the book value of an organization or individual and may be used to determine the sustainability of the company. However, if the nta of the company is negative this does not mean the company is insolvent. This means the company held more intangible assets than tangible. Also this ratio is good to used when determine whether or not to purchase a stock of a certain company.

What is creative genius?

Human creative genius is an inherent quality of humans, considered a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage.

Who is Randy Gollay?

His heart is deeper than the ocean. His soul is transfixed to the rotation of the earth. His spirit is tangible...

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Song of the Family, Song of Evil/Enemy, Song/Music of the Ppearl, (Song of The Pearl That Might Be)

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What is an tangible and intangible benefit for a computer?

what is a tangible and intangible benefit for a computer

Are stocks tangible or intangible?

is a payed off automobile an intangible or tangible item ??

Is a car tangible or intangible?


What is intangible and tangible?

Tangible is something you can touch and Intangible means something you can't touch. An example of Tangible waste can be an empty can and an Intangible waste can be air pollution.

What is tangible and intangible waste?

Tangible is something you can touch and Intangible means something you can't touch. An example of Tangible waste can be an empty can and an Intangible waste can be air pollution.

Tangible and intangible resources for red cross?

-Consider the Red Cross. What are the tangible and intangible resources?

What does tangible and intangible mean?

Intangible means something you can't touch, and Tangible means something you can touch.

What is the opposite of tangible?


Banks Tangible and intangible resources?

Tangible assets for a bank include all assets after making deductions for goodwill and intangible resources. Intangible assets have no physical properties.

Is a prepaid asset considered an intangible asset?

No. A prepaid asset is an asset that May be Tangible or Intangible, but is not yet 'in service'. When it is acquired and in service, is when it may be determined if it is Tangible or Intangible.

Is a Beauty Salon a tangible or intangible good and service?


What are the tangible benefit and intangible benefit?

tangible assets is what can be seen while intangible asset is what cannot be seen or felt. The factory is an examle of intangible assets while patent is an example of intangible assets -- By Kailash Gaikwad