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"Yes, a Bose stereo system is worth the extra money. Bose manufactures the highest quality stereo equipment and produces the clearest sound. They last for years and are a good investment."

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Q: Is a Bose stereo worth the money or is it too expensive?
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Does Bose have a line of flip-out car stereo equipment?

No Bose does not have a flip out car stereo that is available for the market.


I am personally not the biggest fan of Bose, their products are pretty expensive, but the quality is great. If you are looking for a home stereo receiver, then I recommend Pioneer.

Does Bose sell stereo headphones?

Bose does indeed sell stereo headphones. You can find out more about them at their website, or call up your local bose representitive and ask about their products.

Are Bose headphones worth the extra money it costs?

There are cheaper options other than Bose that work just great. Bose has a repuation for quality and longitivity. I have never had any problems with Bose and I have owned there products for over 15 years. I would say yes they are worth the extra money.

How does the price of Audiobahn car stereo equipment compare with Bose?

The prices for Audiobahn and Bose car stereo equipment is comparble. I personally prefer Bose products,for the hig quality sound they produce.

What are the best stereo headphones with a good bass?

The best stereo headphones on the market at the moment would be the Bose range. They have all different styles, shapes and colors. The only problem is that they can be a little expensive so its best to shop around.

Where is the Bose amp located?

Bose speakers designed for home theater / home stereo applications can be powered by any stereo or surround receiver with sufficient power output for the ratings of the speakers. Bose speakers for car stereo applications must be powered by Bose amplifiers, since they have a special super-low impedence design which is not used by other manufacturers. Bose speakers for MP3 players have their own amplifier built into the speakers.

Where can you find lost Bose radio code for Mercedes Benz ML320 1999?

why does the bose stereo flashes code

What kind of stereo systems have the best bass?

Bose!!! Eh just because its expensive does not mean you cant settle for something near as good? Philips woox/Kenwood Super Woofer?

Which is the best stereo system to get bose, kenwood or pioneer.?

Bose tends to be the best selection for car stereo systems. They do tend to cost more, but I have always found them to be of superior quality and they last for a long time.

Is the Bose Wave system worth the money?

yes, anything Bose makes is well worth the money. Go compare sound systems at let's say Best Buy or Sears, or somewhere similar and the Bose will Blow them away, besides everything usually comes included in the system rather than purchasing separate components.

Bose Sounddock rankings in reviews?

yes it comes with a remote, this is a very good sound system, it is expensive, but well worth the money, ive had mine for a couple months now and have been very satisfied, no problems or anythign with the system