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it is kinada scary for children under 10

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Q: Is Truth or dare the movie scary?
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What to do at a sleepover for four?

There are 5 things to do at a sleepover. Pillow fights, scary stories, truth or dare, prank calls, stay up all night watching scary movies.

Super scary Halloween dares?

try truth or dare, or maybe bloody.

What to do at a sleepover for eleven year olds?

ok, play on ds truth or dare pillow fights manicure pedicure pizza movie tell funny stories or scary stories hide and seek in the dark!!!! I hope you have at your sleepover !!!!!!!!!

Some scary movies based on truth?

most scary movies are fictional...aliens or monsters or people that rise from the dead. But some scary movies are very realistic...murders and stuff. The only scary movie that are based on the truth are ones that are based on true stories "based on true events" and even then they stretch the truth A LOT to make the movie more interesting!!

How do you get a girl to play truth or dare with you at night?

There is one thing to playing Truth or Dare with a girl at NIGHT. If she says dare, dare her to have sex with you. If she says truth, ask her if she's a virgin.

When was Truth or Dare by Madonna created?

Truth or Dare by Madonna was created in 2011.

How do you say lets play truth or dare?

You say either, "Let us play truth or dare?" Or you say, "Let's play truth or dare?"

How do you play strip truth or dare?

basically you play truth or dare normally but if they refuse the dare or tell the truth then they have to take of an item of clothing

Where can you play truth or dare?

Anywhere (@*-*@) You can get a truth or dare app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

How do you use dare in sentence?

the girls play truth or dare.

What actors and actresses appeared in Truth or Dare - 1992?

The cast of Truth or Dare - 1992 includes: William Ilkley

What does it mean when a guy says he wants to play truth or dare with you?

It usually means he wants to play truth and dare with you?