Is Tom Baker still alive

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, as of 2012 he is alive at 78 years old.

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Q: Is Tom Baker still alive
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Is tom baker in doctor who still alive?

Yes, he is still alive.

What day did Tom Baker die?

If you're talking about Tom Baker from Doctor Who, then he's still alive. If you're talking about the fourth doctor, then yeah. In the episode "Logopolis."

Is Kenny baker still alive?

Yes Kenny Baker is still alive

Is Kenny baker R2D2 still alive?

Yes Kenny Baker is still alive

Is Tom Northcott still alive?

Yes Tom Northcott is alive.

Is tom Kenny still alive?

Yes Rumors have spread the internet about the death off Tom Kenny but he is still alive.

Is the fourth doctor on Doctor Who dead?

The Fourth Doctor on Doctor "died" in 1981 and regenerated into his fifth incarnation. The actor who played the Fourth Doctor is Tom Baker and is currently still very much alive :-). In 1982 or 1983 an American actor named Tom Baker died. Some reference books erroneously thought this was the Tom Baker who appeared on Doctor Who, so that's why you occasionally hear the rumor that Tom Baker died in the 1980s. In reality he's alive and well and recently recorded two series of audio dramas for BBC Audio reprising the role of the Doctor.

Does tom baker still watch Doctor Who?

yes i geuss he probbably does

Is Colin Baker still alive?

yes. he is 66 years old

Is Cathy Baker of Hee Haw deceased?

According to, she resides in Orange, Va. Cathy is still very much alive she is my neighbor very nice people

How did ginger baker die?

As of mid-2016, he is still alive. Peter "Ginger" Baker was born August 19, 1939.

Is tom hank's mother still alive?