Is The Hobbit man vs society?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There is more than one conflict in The Hobbit.

The conflict with society would be with the river elves or Bilbo interactions with the dwarves as a group.

But there is man vs man, man vs society, man vs enviroment

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Q: Is The Hobbit man vs society?
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What is The theme from the hobbit?

The main theme of The Hobbit is good vs. evil.

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Many people confuse man vs nature and man vs environment... Man vs environment is when man faces off against the natural world in which he lives - hurricanes, tidal waves, trapped on an island and has to survive (ex. Castaway, Blue lagoon, the Perfect Storm, one can argue the Titanic...) Man Vs Nature is man vs the nature of something - not mother nature. Trying to change the way something is. Good vs evil, for example. Good is good, and will always be good - evil is evil. Redemption stories often fall in this category. Several vampire stories or werewolf stories - (Angel, Twilight, Frankenstein, The devil vs daniel webster comes to mind, Hellboy) There are elements of man vs self depending on point of view - but if the hero uses the nature of his enemy against it, or is undone by the nature of his allies... Remember the story of the turtle and the scorpian ... the scorpian is at the side of the river and sees a turtle about to cross it - asks the turtle to give him a ride on his back. The turtle says "No, you'll sting me." The scorpian replies, "But, if I do, then we'll both drown." The turtle sees the logic in this, and agrees. About half way across the river, the Scorpian can't resist the temptation and stings the turtle. As they are both drawn under the waves the turtle asks, "But why did you sting me; now we'll both drown!" The scorpian replies "It is my nature."