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No, Taylor Swift is not anorexic

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Q: Is Taylor Swift anorexic in 2014?
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How old is Taylor Swift in 2014?

As of September 2014, Taylor Swift is 24 years old.

Who sings the 2014 song Shake It Off?

Taylor Swift

Who sings the 2014 song Blank Space?

Taylor Swift

What are the release dates for Laps - 2011 Taylor Swift 2-6?

Laps - 2011 Taylor Swift 2-6 was released on: USA: 2014

When did Taylor Swift's album 1989 come out?

On the 27th of October 2014.

Who Taylor Swift have a boyfriend?

It is April 2014. Taylor Swift currently does not have a boyfriend. Don't get mad if I am wrong! THAT IS WHY I PUT THE DATE! Well, actually it's march 31st. TAYLOR SWIFT SHOULD HAVE A BOYFRIEND BECAUSE SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND NICE! I LOVE TAYLOR!

What Taylor Swift whole name?

Taylor swift whole name is Taylor Allison Swift.

When did Taylor Swift's mom get cancer?

It was publicly announced in April 2014 that her mom had cancer.

How old was Taylor Swift when her parents died?

Her parents were still alive as of late 2014.

What is Taylor Swift name?

Taylor Swift's name is Taylor Allison Swift.

Who is the composers of safe and sound by Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift

Is Taylor Swift married?

Taylor Swift is not married.