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o. They are the in the same body but are different personalities

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Q: Is TI and TIP the same person?
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How did TI get the name TI?

his grand father as a child called him tip

Is ti tip's brother?

yes yes

Who gave ti his nickname ti?

He was called Tip in his childhood. He just shortened it to T.I.

What year was Ti vs Tip released?

"TI vs TIP was release on July 3, 2007 by the American rapper TI. It took a year and a half to record all the songs in the album and it was number 1 on the charts when it came out."

Why does clifford Joseph harris jr call himself ti?

Tip was his childhood nickname so he at first used T.I.P. But then dropped the P cuz of Q-Tip, who was signed to the same label that he was when he started out.

Why did ti call himself ti?

when t.i was first signed to laface records in 2000 he was known as tip. but due to a fellow label mate Q tip he shorten his name to t.i

Does anyone know where can I listen to TI's leftover tracks from his album TI vs TIP?

yes go to

How many records did TI vs TIP sell?

Over 50,000

In what year was ti vs tip tried?

From my research, I found that ti vs tip is an album released in 2007 by Atlantic records by Nick Marx. Online, you can find the album and the lyrics to all of the songs.

How do i say i need from you?

Necesito de ti. [TIP: In the Plate River region it is more common to use "vos" instead of "ti..."]

Is TI a rapper?

yes! he is from Atlanta, Georgia. he also goes by king and tip.

What does ti stand for clifford harris jr?

ti is the shortened version of tip which was a nickname ti's grandfather gave him...he came out on arista as ti because at the time arista already had qtip signed and i guess that was too similar