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Yes. They are the same person;)

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Q: Are hunter kyle and jeydon the same person?
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Who are Jeydon and Kyle Wale?

Jeydon and Kyle Wale are the same person. Jeydon Wale created the character of Kyle Wale.

Is hunter wale a virgin?

if Jeydon Wale is the same person and said its hard to get sexual then no hunter is a virgin if he got intimately we would know

Who is Brandon Wale?

Jeydon Wale has a younger brother named Brandon but "Wale" is not Brandon's last name. Jeydon, Brandon, and Paige have the same mother but 3 separate fathers.

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On borderlands can you and a friend play together and be the same person eg you a hunter him a hunter?

Yes. All 4 people could be hunters if they wished.

Who is Aluctra?

Roblox user of Dzuheron (ROBLOX) or a level 90 hunter owned by the same person You foolish human.

How do you write kyle in french?

it appears to be the same

Is there an Irish spelling for Kyle?

The same as in English.

What is 'No Kyle' in Italian?

No, Kyle is an Italian equivalent of 'No, Kyle'. The words are the same in Italian as English. But the pronunciation differs. In Italian, the words are pronounced 'noh KEE-leh'.

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Berrypaw may not have become a warrior yet due to still being in training or not having completed all the necessary skills and assessments required to become a warrior. Other factors, such as leadership decisions or clan dynamics, could also play a role in delaying Berrypaw's warrior ceremony.

Is Hunter S Thompson and Dr Gonzo the same person?

No, they are not the same person. Hunter S. Thompson is the author and journalist who wrote about his alter ego Raoul Duke, also known as Dr. Gonzo, in his book "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." Dr. Gonzo is a character in Thompson's writing, not a real person.

Is monster hunter 3 unite the same as monster hunter 2g?