Is Sharon den Adel bisexual

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no. she is with her long-term partner Robert Westerholt.

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Q: Is Sharon den Adel bisexual
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What is the birth name of Sharon den Adel?

Sharon den Adel's birth name is Sharon Janny Den Adel.

What is Sharon den Adel's birthday?

Sharon den Adel was born on July 10, 1974.

When did sharon den adel join STYX?

Sharon den Adel did join the STYX in the year 1996.

How old is Sharon den Adel?

Sharon den Adel is 42 years old (birthdate: July 10, 1974).

Does Sharon den Adel have a twitter?


What is the lead singer's name of within temptation?

Sharon den Adel is the lead singer of the Dutch rock band, Within Temptation.

Who is the lead vocalist for within temptation?

Sharon Den Adel

Who is cooler Jhonen V or Sharon den Adel?

Jhonen all the way! who's Sharon den Adel? I would have to say Sharon without even a question. But I think it's due to opinion. Oh, and Sharon is the lead singer of Within Temptation.

Did Sharon den Adel duet no compliance with Delain on the album?

Yes, Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation is featured on Delain's album "April Rain," singing"No Compliance" with the band's front-woman Charlotte Wessels.

Is Sharon den Adel Gothic?

No,this has been stated by Sharon herself. She perfers to just be known for having her own style.

What albums have been released by Sharon den Adel?

Sharon den Adel has released a total of 5 studio albums in her career as a singer/composer. These albums include: Earth (1997), Mother Earth (2000), The Silent Force (2004), The Heart of Everything (2007), and The Unforgiving (2011).

Who best lead singer of a rock band?

Sharon Den Adel is the best. She sings for the band, Within Temptation.