Is Scream a spoof movie

Updated: 8/28/2023
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Scream is usually classed as a slasher movie. I have seen the movie many times and yes i think there are definitely humourous moments throughout the film. I personally think the movie is more of a thriller than a Horror, but that's just my personal opinion.

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Yes, the original Scream was both a slasher film and a parody of slasher films.

Since then, Wes Craven has produced three Scream sequels, each one worse than the last. It is a classic example of irony, as Craven has allowed the Scream movies to become the very thing he was initially mocking: a franchise consisting of the same movie over and over again -- only progressively worse each time -- designed to suck as much money out of one, single idea as possible.

In doing so, he himself has become the very thing he was mocking: a sell-out who doesn't care how bad his films are as long as they make money, and who would rather make the same movie 20 times than come up with a new idea.

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Q: Is Scream a spoof movie
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