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No, it is a fake movie 'made' for the sake of the Scream movie mythology.

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Q: Is stab from scream a real movie?
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Stab starring Tori Spelling as Sidney Prescott is the movie-within-a-movie in what movie sequel?

"Stab" was part of the beginning of Scream 2 (1997), it shadowed the events of the previous Scream (1996).

Who is the real actor in the movie scream?

All the actors in the movie Scream are real actors.

Why do the Scream movies skip from Stab to Stab 3?

Considering that there were three years separating the events of Scream 2 & 3, it is plausible that a Stab 2 was made in that time slot.

Scream is he real from the movie?

NO, the Scream movies are NOT based on true events. They are purely fictional.

Is scream 4 real?

scream is really real if u watch the movie at midnight. he will come out and kill u

What is a scream?

scream is a horror movie

Has anyone ever copied the Scream movies and killed people in real life?

Plenty of people have been stabbed to death in real life. But I don't think any of them were due to copycat Scream movie killers.

Who is screaming in the scream?

There is no one named 'Scream' in the movie Scream.

What is the scream movie with all the scream suits?

That would be the third movie

How much did the movie Scream make?

The original Scream movie grossed $161,600,000 worldwide.

Is scream a person?

no, ghostface is the killer. Scream is the movie

What came out first scream or scary movie?

Scream was released first in 1996. Scary Movie is a parody of Scream. It was released in 2000.