Is Sailesh Lodha married

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is Sailesh Lodha married
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When was Shailesh Lodha born?

Shailesh Lodha was born in 1982.

When was Lodha Group created?

Lodha Group was created in 1980.

When did Rajendra Singh Lodha die?

Rajendra Singh Lodha died in 2008.

When was Chand Mal Lodha born?

Chand Mal Lodha was born in 1918.

When did Guman Mal Lodha die?

Guman Mal Lodha died in 2009.

When was Guman Mal Lodha born?

Guman Mal Lodha was born in 1926.

Is lodha caste be called as Tomar Rajput in India?

No, Lodha are also called as Lodhi Rajput.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sailesh in Iceland - 2005?

The cast of Sailesh in Iceland - 2005 includes: Sailesh as Himself - Host Einar Darri as Himself - Audience Member Hermann Gunnarson as Hemmi

Are shweta bhosle and shailesh lodha husband and wife in real life?

I think they aren't married. But they should think about that. They looks like real couple.

What has the author Gumanmal Lodha written?

Gumanmal Lodha has written: 'Law, morality, and politics' -- subject(s): Law and politics, Law, Hindu law, Law and ethics

What has the author Ganpat S Lodha written?

Ganpat S. Lodha has written: 'Quantitative interpretation of airborne electromagnetic response for a spherical model' -- subject(s): Physics Theses

What movie and television projects has Sailesh been in?

Sailesh has: Performed in "Loafer" in 1973. Performed in "Ladke Baap Se Badke" in 1979. Performed in "Dil... Akhir Dil Hai" in 1982. Performed in "Hum Farishte Nahin" in 1988. Played Himself - Host in "Sailesh in Iceland" in 2005.