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Sonny or Sallie

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Q: Mother name soni and father name sailesh match and give girl baby name?
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Is Mother name beena and father name ketan match and give girl baby name?


What can happen if a mother of a baby doesn't let the biological father see the baby?

the father and mother get divorce and mother fight father so he doesnt see the baby

How are you related to your baby's sister's mother's husband?

In most cases, your sister's mother is also your mother, and her husband is your father. If you and your baby sister have the same father but different mothers, your sister's mother's father is your father. If you and you sister have the same mother but different fathers, your baby sister's father is your step-father if he is married to your mother.

Who takes care of the baby bald eagles?

Usually the Parents. A mother and a father.

Why a tall mother and a tall father do not necessarily produce a tall baby?

The genes in the tall mother and father do not necessarily match. One of the genes may be faulty, and might not be "compatible" with the other genes, making both go different.

Who gets to name the baby?

the mother and father of the baby

Does a fathers DNA mach his daughters baby if he is the father?

Yes, a father's DNA will match his daughter's baby if he is indeed the biological father of the child. The baby will inherit half of its DNA from the father, so there should be genetic similarities between the father, his daughter, and the daughter's baby.

Is the baby giraffe closer to the mother giraffe or the father giraffe?

the baby giraffe is closer to the mother because after mating the father leaves

Can AB father and A mother have O baby?

Yes. The mother has to be OO And the father can be either AA or AO So the mother can give one of her O's to the baby and the father can give his O to the baby making it an OO.

Who invented your baby brother?

Your baby brother's mother and father did.

What if Mother o father o baby ab plus?

If the mother and father are both type O, the baby cannot be type AB.

Does George Lopez have a mother or a father?

He has both but his father abandoned him when he was a baby so he is left with his mother.