Is Russel Westbrook gay

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no way

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Q: Is Russel Westbrook gay
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What is Russel westbrook favorite color?


Where does Russel Westbrook live?

Westbrook plays in Oklahoma, so I'm guessing somewhere there. He was born in Long Beach, CA

What college did Russel westbrook go to?

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Who do you think going to get MVP NBA?

I already know it's Russel Westbrook.

Who are the players Of the Oklahoma City thunder in the NBA?

Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook

Who is Russel westbrook?

Basketball player in OKC

Is Russel simmons gay?


Was Alfred Russel Wallace gay?


Who are the Oklahoma thunder starting 5?

Russel Westbrook, Daquean Cook, Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka. Kendrick Perkins

For what is Russelll Westbrook famous for?

Russel Westbrook is famous for being a professional basketball player, currently playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is a three time NBA all star and plays point guard.

Is kilty o' Conner box gay?

he is dating Brooke Russel

Who is the best pointguard in the nba?

In my opinion, it is Derrick Rose. With 25 PPG and 8 APG I think he get's the first. However, Russel Westbrook is reaching up.