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Henry Shaver Westbrook died in 1913-10.

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Q: When did Henry Shaver Westbrook die?
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When was Henry Shaver Westbrook born?

Henry Shaver Westbrook was born in 1842.

What has the author Henry S Westbrook written?

Henry S. Westbrook has written: 'Burned at the stake'

When did Frank Shaver Allen die?

Frank Shaver Allen died in 1934.

When did Richard Sharpe Shaver die?

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When did John Westbrook Hornbeck die?

John Westbrook Hornbeck died in 1848.

When did Graham Westbrook Rowley die?

Graham Westbrook Rowley died in 2003.

When did Thomas Westbrook die?

Thomas Westbrook died on 1743-02-11.

When did Robert G. Shaver die?

Robert G. Shaver died on 1915-01-13.

When did Gaius Shaver die?

Gaius Shaver died on October 11, 1998, in Fallbrook, California, USA.

When did Eddy Shaver die?

Don't know think it was Miranda Cosgrove

When did Thomas Westbrook Waldron - Canada - die?

Thomas Westbrook Waldron - Canada - died in 1867.

When did Thomas Westbrook Waldron die?

Thomas Westbrook Waldron died on 1785-04-03.