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Q: Is Robert Pattinson an abusive boyfriend?
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Is Britney Spears have a boyfriend?

Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson

Does Kristen Stewart 's boyfriend want to kill Robert Pattinson?

Kristen stewarts boyfriend currently is robert pattinson, so no.

Is the boyfriend of Kristen Stewart is jealous of Robert Pattinson?

probably because Robert Pattinson is Hot!

Was Robert Pattinson Adam Lambert's boyfriend?

No, Robert is straight.

How is Kristen boyfriend?

Robert pattinson (2010)

Who is Kristen's Stewart boyfriend currently?

Robert Pattinson.

Is Kristen Stewarts boyfriend?

Kristen Is dating Robert Pattinson

What is kisten Stewart ex boyfriend name?

her x-boyfriend is rpattz ( Robert pattinson ) .

Is Kristen's boyfriend Taylor Lautner?

no. her boyfriend is Robert pattinson. and Taylor lautner is too young for her!

Who is Robert Pattinson's boyfriend?

Rob doesn't have a boyfriend, he is not gay. Who, if anyone, is his girlfriend is his and her business alone.

Does Kristen Stewaet have a boyfriend?

Yes she does. Her boyfriend is Robert Pattinson. She just broke up with her ex Michael.

Does Robert Pattinson want Kristen Sterwart to choose between him and her boyfriend?

Yes ofc.