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hes all the way black both his parents are black all the way black.

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Yes Prodigy Is Cute But Ray Ray Is So FRICKEN Hotter Then All Of Them But I Still Love Princeton And Roc Royal They Will Always Be SE*III! :]

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Q: Is Prodigy from Mindless Behavior dead?
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Is prodigy crosseyed off mindless behavior?

No Prodigy from mindless behavior is not crosseyed

Where does prodigy live now from Mindless Behavior?

prodigy from mindless behavior stays philidelphia

Do prodigy from Mindless Behavior do he have a 6 pack?

Yes Prodigy from Mindless Behavior has a 6 pack

What is prodigy from from off Mindless Behavior?

if your asking where prodigy is from he is from Philadelphia he is the only one from mindless behavior not from California

Is prodigy from MB dead?

no prodigy from mindless is NOT dead

Who has replaced prodigy in mindless behavior?

Jacob latimore is cute ,but noone is supposed to replace prodigy from mindless behavior.

What is prodigy name from Mindless Behavior?

His name is Craig Johnson

Is prodigy from mindless behavior a Baptist?

Prodigy is a christian.

Does prodigy on mindless have a brother?

does prodigy from mindless behavior any brothers or sisters

Did prodigy left the group called mindless behavior?

Yes, Prodigy did leave the group Mindless Behavior in November 2013.

What is the lead singers name in Mindless Behavior?

Prodigy is the leader of mindless behavior.

Where can you find prodigy of Mindless Behavior video before he was in Mindless Behavior?