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Q: Is Paris Jackson allergic to chocolate?
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Can you have a chocolate bar?

Yes, if you are not allergic to chocolate.

Does milk chocolate give you acne?

It could if you have an allergic reaction to chocolate, and a possibility of an allergic reaction to chocolate would be developing acne. No

How can you be allergic to chocolate?

Different people's bodies are just allergic to different things. It is not something that you can control, and some people turn out to be allergic to chocolate.

What is Paris Jackson's middle name?

Paris' full name is Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.

are badgers allergic to chocolate?

yes badgers are aligeric to chocolate

Does Paris Jackson have any pets?

There have been no reports that Paris Jackson has pets. Paris Jackson is the daughter of late Pop singer, Michael Jackson.

What is greyson chance allergic to?


Can you eat chocolate?

Yes, please! Some people are allergic to chocolate.

What is Paris Jackson's full name?

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.

What is Paris Jackson's kik?

Paris's Jackson's new kik is @mindless_disposition

How tall is Paris Michael Jackson?

Paris Jackson is 5'3 as of 2011

Can you be temporarily allergic to chocolate?

Yes, sort of. It is possible for people to be allergic to chocolate. As for the "temporarily" part, people can grow into or grow out of allergies, too.