Is Naruto dead

Updated: 4/27/2022
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no he is not dead


he is fighting sasuke in the manga

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NO! He is still alive! Where did you hear that he's dead?

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Q: Is Naruto dead
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Is Naruto's mother dead?

She is assumed to be dead sometime after giving birth to naruto.

Is Naruto dead now?

As of October 2012, Naruto is not dead in the manga or anime series.

Does Sasuke go to Naruto's funeral?

Naruto isn't dead

Does Naruto die in Naruto shippudden?

No, naruto does not. So far there are no episodes or manga scripts that shows naruto is dead.

Where is Naruto's dad?


Is Naruto dead in Shippuden?


Will Naruto be with his father?

No. that's impossibal Naruto's dad is dead, but I'm confused who is Naruto's mom?

Will Naruto dead?

Naruto is alive and will be unless the author decides otherwise

How did Naruto dead?

Naruto is alive.Do you mean movie 4 he comes back.

Where is Naruto's mom?

she was dead with his father

Is lord orochimaru dead in naruto?

not yet

Will naruto's mom be back?

No because kushina is dead and her chakra in Naruto is already used up.