Is Naruto better than bleach

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Naruto by far. It's a more entertaining show. Its kinda funny and the action is really cool. Naruto Shippuden has a really great story.

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YES! Bleach is SO much better than Naruto!

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Q: Is Naruto better than bleach
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What works better than bleach for whitening laundry?

i think naruto works better for whitening...

Is naruto Shippuden better than bleach?

It is a matter of oppinion (but I think so).

What is every ones favorite TV show bleach or Naruto?

naruto is mosts favourite than bleach

What is a better world to live in bleach or naruto or one piece or dragon ball z?

For me, I would say Bleach with Naruto right behind it.

Which manga came out first Naruto or bleach?

No Naruto came out before Bleach naruto aired in 2000 bleach aired somewhere in 2005.

Where do you download bleach vs naruto V0.9?

fgjtjt naruto bleach

That bleach is a lot more badder than Naruto.?

No, not really, they are both about the same, each has about the same amount of blood and killing if that's what you want to know, but personally, I like Naruto way better.

What is worse naruto or bleach?


Is bleach more realistic than naruto?

I would say so.

Which is better bleach or Naruto?

Naruto and Bleach are both very good anime/mangas, but personally I prefer Naruto over Bleach.Bleach, because of the girls.

Naruto vs Bleach?

If you are asking which is 'better', then probably Naruto because Naruto is more popular and has more fans that watch and read it. But then again, it is a form of opinion. If you are asking if there is a game for it, try

How can I prove that bleach is a lot more badder than Naruto?

Throw a tantrum