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Naruto by far. It's a more entertaining show. Its kinda funny and the action is really cool. Naruto Shippuden has a really great story.

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2011-08-19 20:17:35
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2017-11-13 07:01:24

YES! Bleach is SO much better than Naruto!

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Q: Is Naruto better than bleach
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Is the anime bleach better than Naruto?

YES! bleach is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than naruto!!!

What show is better naruto or bleach?


What works better than bleach for whitening laundry?

i think naruto works better for whitening...

Is naruto Shippuden better than bleach?

It is a matter of oppinion (but I think so).

Which show is more popular bleach or naruto?

it depends on who you are asking, I've seen alot of top 10 lists and they are both usually in the top 3. in my opinion Bleach is MUCH better than naruto, but some people for a reason i just don't get think than naruto is better. (im not trying to bash naruto or anything, i actually really like naruto, but its ovious Bleach is better, both the anime and the whitener)

What is every ones favorite TV show bleach or Naruto?

naruto is mosts favourite than bleach

Is Naruto stronger than bleach?

NO of course not naruto and naruto shippuden are both very good animes and manga but bleach stronger and all the people i know says that bleach stronger!!

What is a better world to live in bleach or naruto or one piece or dragon ball z?

For me, I would say Bleach with Naruto right behind it.

Bleach Vs Naruto Which is Better?

Naruto is too popular because that is the first manga you hear of. Bleach by far. It's a more entertaining show. Its kinda funny and the action is really cool. The biggest importance is that Bleach has much better art than Naruto. Tite Kubo put 100% effort in all work, that's why it is better. It really depends on you age. If your a kid, you like Naruto because the storyline is much simpler and friendlier. Once you hit you teen years, you will like Bleach more

Is Naruto or bleach better?

Naruto is better in my opinion for the simple fact that there is more fighting, otherwise it is really a toss-up between the two.

Where do you download bleach vs naruto V0.9?

fgjtjt naruto bleach

Did Bleach come out before Naruto?

No Naruto came out before Bleach naruto aired in 2000 bleach aired somewhere in 2005.

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