Dragon Ball Z or Naruto

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, One Piece

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Naruto , Yu Yu Hakusho , Bleach , One Piece and Rurouni Kenshin .

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Dragon Ball ,Z, GT own Naruto

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Q: Dragon Ball Z or Naruto
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What is more popular Dragon Ball Z or Naruto?

When Dragon Ball Z come out it was quite popular but Naruto is 3rd on world top list. Naruto is more popular. Dragon Ball Z is 4385 on World top list.

Is dragon ball z is better than naruto?

Dragon Ball was made a while back. And Naruto is still being made so i suggest to watch DragonBall. And Dragon Ball Z is better

Who will win Dragon Ball Z or naruto?

Dragon ball Z, Naruto doesn't have the reflexes Goku have in the Dragon Ball Series. Naruto doesn't receive the type of training Naruto gets, Naruto doesn't have the villains Goku fought, Naruto doesn't have the Forms Goku have, Naruto is definitely Weaker than Goku, Naruto is probably the same power as Goku SSJ or Vegeta SSJ2. And also if you meant Dragon Ball Super Naruto is not even comparable with Goku's Power in Dragon Ball Super i think Naruto can defeat Goku only ifNaruto 100% Power with Ultimate Form VS Goku 100% Power with Base form Or 3% Low Mystic.Thanks hope this helped

Should I buy Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact or Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai?

Naruto because in general the makers of the Naruto games are much better than the dragon ball z ones

How is Naruto like Dragon Ball Z Kai?

naruto is nothing like dragon ball z Kai because dragon ball z Kai sucks Dick and naruto is the best phucking thing in the world so stop phucking asking and love naruto like me bixches!Here is what I thinkI don't know what the hell you talking about Dragon Ball Z Kai is just as AMAZING as Naruto got that you bixch and no one likes you ugly dick Ya I went their

How many people died in Dragon Ball Z compared to Naruto?

well it would probably be more in dragon ball Z because they destoyed hole planets and naruto had villages destroyed

Did Cartoon Network will show the programes like naruto and Dragon Ball Z?

I don't think they will ever show dragon ball z but i saw on wikipedia that they are going to show dragon ball z kai later this year but naruto was removed because it was banned due to violence

What came first naruto or Dragon Ball Z?

The order goes:Dragon BallDragon Ball ZDragon Ball GTDragon Ball Z Kai@above comment: DragonBall Kai does not come after GT; in fact, it is an abridged version of DragonBall Z cut down to more resemble the manga.

Naruto vs Dragon Ball Z?

Dragon ball Z is much better than Naruto, maybe the graphic might be diffrent but the story line, the characters they are amazing.... dragon ball started long time ago, and people saying that the evil characters in dragon ball z is stronger than the hero's well that's how it goes you challenge and become stronger as they say saiyans gets stronger by fighting that's how it goes... Dragon ball Z is 9.5/10.... Naruto 4/10....

What are better eps naruto dragon ballz?

dragon ball z eps is better than naruto eps because dragon ball z is the best anime show ever try it and see all eps you will be very happy .

Dragon Ball Z and Naruto crossover?

Better for Dragon Ball that this never happened because Naruto would kill em all with Shadow clone jutsu.

What are the features of Naruto and Dragon Ball Z?

it is an opinion but i really did not see naruto but i did see dragonballz and it is good.