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She wants to but the garenties are probably not

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Q: Is Miley Cyrus ever going to come back to Disney channel?
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Is Miley Cyrus going to do any more Hannah Montanas?

no Miley Cyrus will not be making any more Hannah Montana series for the Disney channel as she has given it up

Is somebody going to replace Miley Cyrus?

Type your answer here... No! She's just to old to be on Disney channel, soon!

Is Miley Cyrus going to be going to go back on Disney channel?

No. Because she is a bad role model for kids and she made fun of Asian people.

Does Miley Cyrus go out with Nick Jonas now?

yes she does they stared going out in august 12,2009 when old boyfriendBrock up you can tell they are together on Disney channel.

How long Miley Cyrus is going to be Hannah Montana?

Till 2016, she has a contract with disney.

Is there going to be a Little Mermaid with Miley Cyrus?

No because Little Mermaid is already made by Disney

Is miley cyrus still going to be on disney channel?

Yes, Miley Cyrus plays the role of Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana in Disney Channel's hit television show, Hannah Montana. People are saying that they are trying to find another person for the role, but it is a fact that she isn't leaving Disney just Hannah Montana! though some say she will soon.yes she is, she's doing one more season and then she's leaving, because she wants to do films for older children not for little children.

Miley Cyrus is going out with who?

Miley Cyrus is going out with nick Jonas

Is there going to be a Hannah Montana movie on Disney channel?

I think it's going to be in theaters but I'm not sure. Even if it is in theaters I'm sure they will show it on Disney too just like they did with the Hannah Montana Meet Miley Cyrus 3D tour movie

Is Miley Cyrus really going to quit being Hannah Montana if so is she still going to sing as Miley Cyrus?

She said she wanted to focus on her own music after the third season of Hannah Montana, but Disney Channel just recently announced that there will be a fourth season. If you have questions or comments on this or any other topics for miley Cyrus her email address is I do not think she is going to quit Disney Channel.Nobody could do such a good job playing Miley Stewart!And yes there is going to be another season of Hannah Montana.So I don't think she will quit until she is very old.

Is Justin Bieber going out with Miley Cyrus?

No, Justin Bieber is not going out with Miley Cyrus.

Is Miley Cyrus going on tour 2011?

Yes, Miley Cyrus is going on tour.