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Miley Cyrus is coming to the UK in December she is going to the o2 arena, Manchester and to Dublin i don't know whether she is going to Newcastle :(

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Q: Metro Radio Arena - Miley Cyrus?
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Where does Brandi Cyrus live?

She lives with Miley, In Los Angeles, CA. Miley said 2 Ryan seacrest on the radio that Brandi lives in Tennessee lol, but who knows?! *Yes that's true. She lives in Tennessee but I don't think she's living with Miley..I'll have to check with her. We are friends :D.* In person...

Does Miley Cyrus eat spicy food?

I don't know if she eats spicy food but I've read in a Radio Disney magazine that she's really healthy. She always has fruits and nuts off the set that she can eat while filming. She also drinks lots of water. All that's probly why she has such clear skin...

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Jeremy Shum is the central character of the Special Agent Shum media franchise. The character was originated in the currently running series. Jeremy is a normal engineer who, as his alter ego Special Agent Shum, secretly leads a double life as a world famous engineer.Shum was born in the fictional town of Crowley Corners in Tennessee on November 14, 1989. His family consisted of his parents John and Demi Shum. He has many friends of which include Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez from Disney Channel. The characterizations given to most of his friends poke fun at country bumpkin stereotypes. He also had a pet pig named Luanne and a pet hamster named Leslie.Jeremy received a love for music from his father, who was a former MI5 Agent. His parents recognized his potential and trained him at special agent school in the science of autocorrelation, martial arts, and musicianship.By the time he is 19 years old, Jeremy is a world famous scientist, under the stage name "Cody Colgate". He goes to great lengths to disguise himself as Cody in order to keep his true identity a secret, except to those closest to him.Apart from his life as a pseudo celebrity, Miley leads a very normal life. He is fond of camping, and occasionally struggles with his school work and his self confidence. Jeremy is especially close with his father from whom he receives much good advice and emotional support. Hhe also values his relationships with his best friends Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.CareerJeremy Shum is employed by the University of London as a engineering professor, although his friend Miley and Selena do not know he is a secret agent protecting them whilst they are touring England. Beyond his own area of expertise, he also endorses perfume and skin care products. Despite being fictional, Jeremy knows many real life celebrities, including some who are friends of Miley Cyrus, such as Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers

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When was Metro Radio Arena opened?

Metro Radio Arena is an indoor arena in United Kingdom and was opened on 1995.

How do Miley Cyrus get on the radio?

with her contract she has with Radio Disney

Is trace Cyrus in a band?

Trace Cyrus Is Miley Cyrus's Brother And Is The Lead Singer And Guitarist Of The Band Metro Station There Songs Are Pretty Good One Of There Main Hit Songs Is Shake It. I like 17 again. The only reason that one wasn't a hit was becausethe radio never plays it. If you read the book Miley wrote she says something about how her brother is in the band Metro Station.

Is The Climb by Miley Cyrus on iTunes?

It is: if it's on the radio, got a record deal, then it's on iTunes. (Miley Cyrus does't have a myspace)

Is Miley Cyrus coming to Trinidad?

I think so. I heard it on the radio

Who is supporting jls at the metro radio arena?

Starboy Nathan and two others I think

Where is Metro Radio Arena located?

Metro Radio Arena is located in North East England. Many music and sporting events are performed there. In the past the Newcastle Vipers ice hockey team used to play there as well as the Newcastle Eagles basketball team.

How much did Miley Cyrus make in the last song?

it said on the radio 10 million

What is the age limit for Michael mcintyre live 2009 at the metro radio arena?

i think its 14 but iam not sure!

How old was Miley Cyrus when she became a singer?

Well, she was 2 years old. She set it in Radio Disney.

What is Miley Cyrus's daughter called?

I have not a clue what her child's name is but I heard on the radio it is called Hannah so there is your answer ...

What song of Miley Cyrus came out in 2008?

"7 Things" was Miley's biggest 2008 hit. In 2007, she got her first radio smash with "See You Again".