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Q: Is Michelle keegan Kevin keegan's daughter?
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Who is Michelle keegans dad?

kevin keegan

Is Kevin keegans daughter in coronation street?

No. Kevin Keegan has two daughters they are named:LauraSarah

Is Michelle keegan the daughter of Kevin keegan the footballer?

No. Kevin Keegan's daughters are Laura and Sarah.

Is Michelle keegan from corrie Kevin keegan the footballers daughter?


Who is Kevin keegans daughter?

kevin Keegan has been married to Jean for 38 years and they have two daughters called Laura and Sarah

Is Michael keegan Kevin keegans daughtet?


Is Michelle Keegan related to Kevin Keegan?

No, her father's name is Michael and he is a police inspector in Manchester, England.

How many children has Kevin keegan?

Is kevin keegan related to actress Michelle Keegan

Is Tina from corrie Kevin keegans daughter?


Who is Michelle's dad?

kevin keegan

What has the author Kevin Keegan written?

Kevin Keegan has written: 'Kevin Keegan's book of soccer skills' 'My Autobiography'

What is Kevin Keegan's birthday?

Kevin Keegan was born on February 14, 1951.