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If by "fake" you mean, will you gouge out your own eyes after you've seen it or not, the answer is no, you will not. It's just a picture of a guy that changes in the last two seconds into something that looks like a large cat.

If by "fake" you mean, does it exist or not, the answer is, yes, it does.

Here is a link to an article describing it, including the original video:

Yes, you will not gouge out your eyes after seeing it, but it does give you a certain feeling. I can say that it really creeped me out. It's pretty rare and strange, and especially the description and the story of the video (not true of course) is meant to give you that feeling of creepiness. But you can watch it; it will certain mess with your head but it won't make you gouge out your eyes or commit suicide :)

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Q: Is Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv fake
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