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no they are just really good friends who do music vids together.

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Q: Is Megan Nicole dating Jason chen?
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How old is Jason Chen?

Jason Chen is 29 years old (born November 12, 1988).

Who is Tiffany Alvord?

Tiffany Alvord is a 19 year old youtube sensation best known for her covers and original songs. She lives in California. She often makes videos with other youtube stars such as Jason Chen, Chester See, and Megan Nicole. She started her youtube videos in 2008 and has posted covers ever since. Go Check her out.

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He's Chinese

What Jason chen use to edit his video?


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In what country was Jason Chen born?

Jason Chen is a singer who rose to prominence through Youtube. He was born in Southern California and attended UCLA and received a degree in business.

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is it true ella chen is dating someone now

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JustKiddingFilms - 2007 Christmas Love Feat- Jason Chen and David So 5-60 was released on: USA: 4 December 2011

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