Is Lil Wayne hair real

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yesz his hair is reall. (: It's gotten longer and longer for everr.

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yes its real

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Q: Is Lil Wayne hair real
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Did lil cut his hair?

no Lil Wayne did not cut his hair because all of the pictures of Lil Wayne in court still show that he has his hair

Do Lil Wayne still have to cut his hair?

First of all, do lil Wayne need to cut his hair?The correct grammar is DOES lil Wayne need to cut his hair... Moron.

Does any websites have pic of Lil Wayne's hair cut?

yea Go to Lil Wayne cuts His hair on goggle

What is the real name of lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne's real name is Dwayne Micheal Carter Jr.

Did Lil Wayne cut his hair?

No, Lil Wayne did not cut his hair. Although he will have to when he begins his sentence, but as of now he still has every strand. (:

Does Lil Wayne still have long hair?

Yes, Lil Wayne does have longish hair. His hair is a little past his shoulder. He wears his hair in dreadlocks most of the time.

Is Lil Waynes dreads real?

Yes! Lil' Wayne's Dreads Are Real!!

Who is Lil Wayne's real father?

lil Wayne's real father is Dwayne carter sr.

Who is better lil boosie or Lil Wayne?

I think Lil boosie is because Lil Wayne don't song real song

Did lil Wayne get a hair cut?

no. it was a rumor

Is reganie lil Wayne real child or do lil Wayne have more children and is toya married?

yes that is lil wayne real child .. he has more children and yes toya is married to memphitz .

What is lil Wayne's real daddy's name?

Lil' Wayne's dads name is the same as Lil' Wayne minus the jr. It is Dwayne Michael Carter.