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Q: Is Leah Curcher and Harry Senior a good couple?
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What are the name of Bridgit Mendlers parents?

Harry mendler and Leah mendler

Who is Leah is twilight eclipse?

Jacob Black is talking to Leah at the end of "Eclipse"

Who are Bridgit Mendlers mother and father?

Bridgit's mother: Leah Mendler Bridgit's father: Harry Mendler Bridgit's sister: Zoey Mendler Bridgit's brother: Nicolas Mendler

Who is Harry Clearwater?

Harry Clearwater is Sue's husband, Seth and Leah's father, and Charlie's best friend. In New Moon, when Leah changed into a werewolf for the first time, he had a heart attack and died, causing grief for everyone.

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if you mean Leah laney from North Carolina who is 12 .....then yes it was gods will to put then together...

Who were the two new werewolves near the end of eclipse?

Seth and Leah, harry clearwater's kids. (harry clearwater was the guy who died in new moon).

Why is Leah Clearwater so important in New Moon?

Leah is the only female werewolf in the history of the tribe, and her first transformation is believed to have caused the heart attack that killed her father, Harry Clearwater.

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Yes, he is. They have been dating for a couple years and are happy.John is not dating Leah Marsh they broke up back in February.

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Leah Clearwater (Daughter) Seth Clearwater (Son) Sue Clearwater (Mom) Harry Clearwater (Dad) They Are Quliutes

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Leah Kilpatrick's birth name is Leah Spooner Kilpatrick.