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No he and his wife are not expecting a child at this time

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Q: Is John Cena expecting a child?
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When is maria and john cena expecting their first child?

Never. They are neither married not in any form of relationship. So they cannot expect anything...

Do john cena have a child?


What does John Cena and Maria's baby look like?

John Cena and Maria DO NOT have a child.

What was John Cena interested in as a child?


Do John cena have son or daughter?

No he doesn't have a child

Who is the first child of john cena's parents?


Is John Cena an only child?

No he is not. he has 4 brothers

Who is john cena's manager?

its my bumhole it opens for cena to relax in its big and gaped

Did carol cena died?

Carol Cena is not dead. Carol Cena is the mother of five children. Her most famous child is John Cena.

Who wins at judgment day The Great Khali or John Cena?

I think they are going to have John Cena win because most people are expecting The Great Khali to win. I think that John Cena might have to use a steel chair or something kind of weapon and get intentionally disqualified. If he does this, then he will automactically retain the WWE championship.

Who is the first child of johncena?

John Cena's First childs name was Patty Cena and is now 16 years old

Who is John Cena's dad?

John Cena sr.