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Nope, not any more!

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Q: Is Joe Jonas Dating Natashia Ho?
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If Selena Gomez is single ho is with Nick Jonas?

he's dating Miley Cyrus again

Ho is Joe Jonas daeting?

nobody.he wants to stay away from relationships because he doesnt want her to feel bad cause she doesnt get all of his attention and he feels that she should.

Ho is going out with Hannah Montana?

nick Jonas

How do you say nicholas Jonas in spanish?

Niko Ho-Nass

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Daniel Ho

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mayer and Dave Bauer moyer and nick Jonas and miley nat

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The cast of We Are Dating Now - 2002 includes: Rim Chae as Yoon Ho-jung

Ho w old is Kevin Jonas?

he is 22 now. now is 2010. so if you are asking this in 2011, he is 23.

Are there two men dating on the X-Factor?

No it was simply a rumour. Ho Kendro were gay. Its not just a rumour

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Joe Louis of course! Knocked the German Max flat to the ground.

What is the spanish spelling of joe?

"Joe" in Spanish is "José." It is pronounced "ho-SAY". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation:

Could you go out with Nick Jonas?

He's thinks he's too good for regular girls. that's why he goes out with rich ho's