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No. If you read the books, you find out that it is actually Mona. Mona is the girl who stole the scarf while Hanna stole the sunglasses that one day at the mall.

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She is... but there are many people sending them later on.

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I guess yes

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Q: Is Jenna the girl who sends the girls texts in Pretty Little Liars?
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Do the girls die in the fire in Pretty Little Liars?

the girls in pretty little liars do not die in the fire accident, but Jenna was in the house when the fire outburst in the house so Jenna got blind, but nobody died

What restaurant are the Pretty Little Liars girls eating at when they see Jenna?

Steem Café

Why did the girls walk away when saw Jenna in Pretty Little Liars?

Because you will later find out that the five of them blinded Jenna.

Does Jenna do anything to the girls in Pretty Little Liars?

no bcuz jenny is scared of them more then they are scared of her

Does any of the other girls die in Pretty Little Liars?

Emily, Hanna, Aria or Spencer don't die, but in the end Jenna does.WHY DOES JENNA DIE?

What is Jenna's relationship between girls and her in Pretty Little Liars?

she doesn't like them because they were friends with Alison and they were the reason that she is blind

How does Mona and Jenna die in Pretty Little Liars?

jenna gets killed by billy ford and mona falls off a cliff trying to kill one of the girls.

How does Mona know all the answers in The Pretty Little Liars?

Mona had already knew about the "Jenna thing" ever since that she never liked the Pretty Little Liars so she decided to get close to Hanna as a friend (Keep your friends close but your enemies closer)She had decided to team up with Jenna, Jenna had already new a little of the Girls Secret.

Why is Mona sending text messages in Pretty Little Liars?

Because Mona wanted to get back at the girls for what they did to Jenna, who was her best friend :)

What are the girls' names on Pretty Little Liars?

Hanna, Emily, Spencer, Aria, and Alison are the girls on Pretty Little Liars

Why does Jenna pay Caleb to spy on Hanna in Pretty Little Liars?

To find a key from one of the girls but he loves Hanna

Why does Jenna pretend to be blind in Pretty Little Liars?

Jenna is blind in Pretty Little Liars because Alison said that she saw Toby peeping in her bedroom window while the girls were changing. Toby wasn't really there but the girls believed her so they threw a stink bomb into Toby's garage. Toby and Jenna were in there when the stink bomb exploded and that's how Jenna was blinded.