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None of the girls on Pretty Little Liars die.

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No they do not. They all come close to dying in book 8 in the fire but they all make it.

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No she doesn't her twin sister was killed bij allison because she pretendet to be her

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Q: Do all the girls on Pretty Little Liars die?
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In the show Pretty Little Liars who is texting all the girls?

The name is A, her identity is unkown

What is the name of all the girls on Pretty Little Liars?

Aria, Hanna, Emily, Spencer

Was Alison off Pretty Little Liars Courtney all along?

Yes. She had the girls and the girls fooled the whole time!!

Dose all the girls on pretty little lires die?

No, not all the girls on Pretty Little Liars die. Throughout the series, some characters face dangerous situations and near-death experiences, but not all of them die.

Who took all those videos of the girls in Pretty Little Liars?

Ian took them that's why he oppose killed Alison

What is the book Pretty Little Liars about?

All of the books in the Pretty Little Liars series

Why was Jenna killed in Pretty Little Liars?

She knew all about Ali's secrets and her familys secrets and she was going to tell the four pretty little liars.

What do all the text say from Pretty Little Liars?

They say things from "A", who the girls are still yet to discover who A's actual identity truly is.

Why did Alison from Pretty Little Liars do all of this?

Because Ali thought that the girls were starting to not to trust her.and also shed love the attention.

Did Ali kill all the Pretty Little Liars?

None of the pretty little liars die. I've read the books, Ali doesn't kill anyone.

Who are all the A's on Pretty Little Liars?

Mona. Then Toby

What are all the secrets in Pretty Little Liars?

There is too many.