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no he doesn't anymore, they were going out for about 4 years and broke up about 6 months ago, her name was alice :) most of his songs from his new album + are about her, for example u.n.i, wake me up, give me love... they broke up because she went to college and he wanted to gig and become a musician. she went off to college and he kept on gigging :) hope that helps :D!

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At this point, there is no way to know. There have been rumors that he is bisexual, but he has never confirmed them, nor has he made any statements about it. Until he decides to talk about it, we do not want to speculate about his personal life.

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There is no valid information available that says Ed Sheeran is bisexual.

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yes, shes called nina nesbitt

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Q: Is Harry Edward Styles bisexual
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Is Harry Styles bisexual?

Yes he was openly Bisexual insecondaryschool

What is harry's last name from one direction?

Styles. His full name is Harry Edward Styles.

What is Harry Styles's full name?

Harry Edward Styles

What is Harry Styles whole name?

Harry Edward Styles.

What is Harry Styles middle name?

Edward. His full name is Harry Edward Styles. He didn't use 'Styles' in his professional career. His father's surname is Styles

What is Harry Styles middlename?

His full name is Harry Edward Styles

What Harry Styles full name?

Harry Edward Styles. Don't let people tell you his name is Harold. It's definitely not. His sister Tweeted "Why does everyone think his name is harold? it's harry." SO IT IS NOT HAROLD IF YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE WRONG IT'S HARRY EDWARD STYLES. Hope I helped, babe! <3

Is harrys styles name Harold?

No, his full name is Harry Edward Styles.

Is Harry Styles their real name?

Harry Edward Milward is his real name, but he uses 'Styles' in his professional career, like the DJ Darren Mew (Darren Styles, no relation).

What is Harry Styles actual name?

Its Harold Edward Milward Styles Cox and if anyone says I'm wrong they are not a real directioner because Harold himself while playing a game wrote HAROLD on the board. If you really wanna become a REAL directioner learn all of their names please!!!!!! Bye hope this helps!!!!

Does harry stlyes have a middle name?

*Styles Yes, it is Edward. His real name is Harry Edward Milward and he uses 'Harry Styles' as a stage name.

What is harrys surname in One Direction?

Styles. Harry's last name is Styles (Harry Edward Styles).