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Harry Edward Milward Styles

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It is Harry Edward Styles. No Milward,nothing.

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Q: What is Harry Styles actual name?
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What is the birth name of Harry Styles?

Harry Styles's birth name is Harry Edward Styles.

What is harry's last name from one direction?

Styles. His full name is Harry Edward Styles.

What Harry Styles name?

Harry Edwards Styles

What is Harry Styles facebook name?

Harry styles

Is Harry Styles full name Harold Edward Milward Styles?

No, his full name is Harry Edward Styles.

What is Harry Styles whole name?

Harry Edward Styles.

Is Harry Styles on moviestarplanet?

Yes He Is His Name Is - Harry Styles -

What is Harry Styles's full name?

Harry Edward Styles

What is the real name of Harry Styles?

Harry Styles real name is Harold Edward Styles ^ It's not Harold at all, It's Harry Edward Styles.

What was the name of harry from one directions band?

Harry's parents split up when he was 7. And his actual dad's surname was Styles so that's where he got Styles from. His name then was "Harry Edward Styles". Anne ( his mum) didn't change her surname to Styles, she kept it as her original surname "Cox" Anne then found a new man, couple years ago. Called Joe Milward. thats where this Milward thing came from. Harry's first dad: "Styles" Harry's mum "Anne Cox" Harry's name then: "Harry Edward Styles" (Edward as the middle name) Harry's step dad "Joe Milward" ok, we clear, so his name is still Harry Styles!

What is the full name of harry styles?

Harry Edward Milward Styles is Harry's full name. His mother changed her name when she married Harry's step father. But his full name is Harry Edward Milward Styles. :)

What is the name of harry styles mum?

Harry Styles' mother's name is Anne Cox.

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