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Geraldine Edwards is the great grandaughter of Aleister Crowley. Aleister Crowley is her maternal grandmother's father. Geraldine Edwards grandmother immigrated from England to the United States at the age of seventeen, and never returned to England. By all accounts, Crowley remained close to his children, of which there were many, until his death in 1947.

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Q: Is Geraldine Edwards Robert Palmers girlfriend the great grandaughter of Aleister Crowley?
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What is the birth name of Aleister Crowley?

Aleister Crowley's birth name is Edward Alexander Crowley.

Did Robert Palmer receive an antique gold pocket watch from his girlfriend Geraldine Edwards that previously belonged to her great grandfather Aleister Crowley as a gift?

Yes. In an 2002 interview given by Robert Palmer, Geraldine Edwards gave him the pocket watch for his fifty-first birthday in 1999. Robert Palmer was interested in Mysticism and Magic, and was quite interested in Aleister Crowley, so the gift meant a great deal to him, by Palmer's own admission.

What is Aleister Crowley's birthday?

Aleister Crowley died on December 1, 1947 at the age of 72.

How old was Aleister Crowley at death?

Aleister Crowley died on December 1, 1947 at the age of 72.

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What nicknames did Aleister Crowley go by?

Aleister Crowley went by The Beast, 666, The Wickedest Man Alive, and Alick.

What is Aleister Crowley's real name?

Edward Alexander Crowley.

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How old is Aleister Crowley?

Aleister Crowley was born on October 12, 1875 and died on December 1, 1947. Aleister Crowley would have been 72 years old at the time of death or 139 years old today.

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How tall is Aleister Crowley?

Aleister Crowley is 5' 10".