Is Gabi Goslar dead

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No Gabi is alive and Well

she was only a baby during the Start and Ending of the Holocaust

she is in her 60 or 70 years old

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Q: Is Gabi Goslar dead
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Where does gabi goslar live?

Gabi Goslar is now living In Israel .

When was Gabi-Goslar born?

Gabi Geist was born in 1953, in Rttingen, Bavaria, Germany.

Is Hannah Pick-Goslar dead in 2009?


What family did Hanneli Goslar have left after the war?

All she had left was her little 4 year old sister, Gabi with her, but she had an uncle living in Switzerland that she went to live with.

Where was Hannah Goslar born?

Hannah Pik-Goslar was born in Berlin, Germany on November 12, 1928. She was Anne Frank's schoolmate and close friend. Hannah went on to become a nurse. As of June 2014, she is retired and living in Jerusalem.

Is Hannah Pick-Goslar dead?

No, she is very much alive, living in Jerusalem, Israel. She no longer travels to the states to speak as it has become too much for her with her aging. Read the biography of Hannah Goslar called, "Memories of Anne Frank." It is inspiring.

When was Jürgen Goslar born?

Jürgen Goslar was born on 1927-03-26.

Who was Hannah Goslars little sister?

Hannah Goslars little sister was Gabi Goslar, born in 1940 (ca). They both survived the concentration camp Bergen- Belsen and was after sent to their uncle in Switzerland. As far as I know she lives today.

When was Lotte Goslar born?

Lotte Goslar was born on February 27, 1907, in Dresden, Germany.

When did Hanneli Pick-Goslar die?

hanneli pick-goslar is still alive today and is in her mid 80s

When did Lotte Goslar die?

Lotte Goslar died on October 16, 1997, in West Cornwall, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA.

Was Hanneli Goslar married?