Is Edward Maya girl

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no he 's totaly a guy

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Q: Is Edward Maya girl
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What is the birth name of Edward Maya?

Edward Maya's birth name is Edward Maya Ilie.

Who is the boy that sings stereo love?

The boy is Edward Maya and the girl is Vika Jiguliana

When did stereo love come out by Edward Maya?

"Stereo Love" by Edward Maya was released in 2009.

Is Edward Maya still living?

yap edward maya is very much living!He is 26 years :)

Where are edward Maya and vika juglina from?

Edward Maya is from Bucharest, Romania & Vika Jigulina is from Cahul, Moldova.

What has the author Edward Ranney written?

Edward Ranney has written: 'Stonework of the Maya' -- subject(s): Maya architecture, Maya sculpture, Antiquities, Mayas

Is Edward Maya gay?

no he is not

What is the religion of edward Maya?

He never mentioned his religion. But most likely romanian orthodox

Edward Maya stereo love?


Is edward Maya from Italy?

no hi is from romania

How tall is edward Maya?

173 cm

Is edward Maya a member of akcent?

I Don't Think He Is....