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yes,and she became the first muslim miss wold.

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whta is the religion od azra akin

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Q: Is Azra Akin Muslim or Christian?
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How tall is Azra Akin?

Azra Akin is 177 cm.

Who is kivanc tatlitug dating now?

azra akin

Is mohanad married?

he went out with azra akin but he didnt get married to her

When was Azra Cengic born?

Azra Akin was born on December 8, 1981, in Almelo, Overijssel, Netherlands.

How old is songul?

she is 28 years of age and kivanc is 27 songul and kivanc arent married and aret lovers and he was with azra akin who is hot!

Who is the most famous Turkish super model in Turkey?

We can say its Azra Akin. Cause she won the 2002 Miss Turkey and Miss World.

Is Tatyana Ali a Muslim?

No, She is a Christian Or Half Christian Half Muslim

What actors and actresses appeared in M.U.C.K. - 2012?

The cast of M.U.C.K. - 2012 includes: Azra Akin as Elif Bektas Erdogan as Emre (2012) Haluk Piyes as Ozan

Did kivanc die?

As of October 2011, Kivanc Tatlitug is alive and well. Any speculation as to his death is just a rumor. Kivanc recently announced his engagement to Azra Akin.

Is Akin a Muslim's name?

Yes it its MeaningWarrior, Hero, Brave Man

What will be verb for Muslim when the Muslim is noun?

what will be verb for christian if christian is a noun

Is Selena Gomez Muslim or christian?

selena gomez is not muslim she is Christian .