Is Anderson Varejao black

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He is Brasilian

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Q: Is Anderson Varejao black
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How tall is Anderson Varejao?

Anderson Varejao is 6' 11".

What position does Anderson Varejao play?

Anderson Varejao plays center for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What NBA team does Anderson Varejao play for?

Anderson Varejao plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

How much does Anderson Varejao weigh?

NBA player Anderson Varejao weighs 267 pounds.

What is Anderson Varejao's number on the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Anderson Varejao is number 17 on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What nicknames does Anderson Varejao go by?

Anderson Varejao goes by Andy, Sideshow Bob, and Wild Thing.

How much money does Anderson Varejao make?

NBA player Anderson Varejao made $9036364 in the 2013-2014 season.

Who is the starting center for the Cavs?

Anderson Varejao.

Who has the number 17 in pro basketball?

Anderson Varejao C-F 6"10 240lb playing for Cleveland Cavaliers

Who is the highest paid player on the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Anderson Varejao at 7.7 Million US Dollars Followed by Luke Walton (6.1 Million), and Kyrie (5.36 Million)

What is the meaning of the Portuguese word varejao?

Varejao is the name of the stick used to pick the olives off of the trees in Portugal.

Who is the starting lineup of Cleveland cavaliers?

As of the 2012-2013 season: PG- Kyrie Irving SG- Dion Waiters SF- Alonzo Gee PF- Tristan Thompson C- Anderson Varejao