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Every 12 stones fan should know what kind of people are in this band. They are heavy alcoholics who engage in illegal drug activity. Anyone from the same hometown will tell you what kind of people they are. Apparently they play Christian shows now because that's the only way they can make money. Just wanted everyone out there to know the truth. God Bless.

After reading their lyrics and watching several of their videos, I'm left wondering as well. No matter what religion/philosophy you subscribe to, it will influence your music. If someone is a professing Christian it should be obvious in their music. To be a Christian means to be sold out for Jesus. That would mean that He lives in us and therefore we become the hands and feet of Jesus. If 12 stones' (and P.O.D.) music doesn't even mention Jesus or God in any way except by extrapolation, I seriously question their devotion to Him. Their music might cause non-Christians to question a few things but as Christians aren't we to think/meditate/listen to things exalt Him? One of the reasons I like Skillet is because of that very fact.

I think the real answer lies with Aaron Gainer and why he left 12 Stones. Unfortunately, he is somewhere in North Dakota caring for his wife who was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2010. It's a wonder why the band hasn't issued support through their social media sites.

Quoted Directly From the Bands MySpace Blog

We have noticed an abundance of people coming to our site asking us if we are going secular. I have tried to spend some time thinking about what that means. I decided that the best way to describe my thoughts on this subject was to write it all down. As a band, we have headlined Christian tours as well as tours that had no religious affiliation. We love writing songs that try to inspire people to look on the bright side of life. we want the listener to find their own interpretation of the songs. Not everyone is going to hear the same meaning in a song. Some people will hear a song and think of a loved one such as a friend or a relative. Another person may hear the same song and think of religion. It is all in the interpretation of the listener. I grew up in the church, attended youth groups, sang in the church choir when I was young.It helped to shape my personal character. when I started writing music, I was determined to write about what I knew. I was determined that there was a way to have heavy, passionate music with a positive message. When we released our first record, we noticed that there was an abundance of fans coming in from the Christian radio market as well as the active rock market and alternative markets across the nation. It was exciting. People were saying that we had touched their lives in so many ways. We felt like we had begun to accomplish our goal of shining a positive light in an otherwise dark and angry music industry.As time went on, people started wondering whether or not we are a Christian band. People said that they were going to be disappointed in us if we went secular. but we are the same band that we had always been. A bunch of goofy kids that get to play music for a living. we wanted to be a band that showed people that life is too short to be angry all the time. For us as a band, we want ours fans to listen to the music and decide what it means to them. If you are a Christian and our music relates to you in a spiritual way, we a very grateful. If you have no religious affiliation and our music helps you, we are also grateful for your support. I think that it's time to decide how you listen to music. It is a form of expression that is for everyone to enjoy. stop wondering about what everyone thinks and really listen to your favourite artists'. I hope that this has helped to clear up any questions that you might have. Thanks for your time and your support. Feel free to post a response to this blog. We will be happy to try to answer any further question.

So, to sum it up. Are they Christians? Yes. Are they a Christian Band? No. They are a group of kids (young adults) out to have a good time making music and spreading a positive image and message to whomever wants to listen.

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Another view

Granted, they are not a worship band and they're not likely to be played on the "family friendly" Christian radio stations. That's not the same thing as a Christian band, though.

Just because every song is not in and of itself directly praising God does not, in this reviewer's opinion, mean it's not a Christian band. If every conversation, every interaction, every action that comes out of a Christian is required to be nothing but active praise and worship, then we should all be living in a monastery. Personally, I think living the life God gave you while working to the fullest extent of the talents God gave you IS worshiping God. I was taught you need not be in ministry in order to minister. Worship need not always be explicit. Our very souls sing in worship to God at all times except when we are sinning, right? All the members are professing Christians. Many (though not all) of their songs have direct references to Christianity. I have yet to find one of their songs with objectionable lyrics. Questioning another Christian's devotion is a source of strife in the Church. This question does, though, hit the nail on the head, so to speak. I think the real answer to the question as to whether or not 12 Stones is a Christian band is whether or not they are devoted to God and serving God in the way they have been called. God calls us all to serve in different ways, does he not? Let's not put human restrictions on His work in any way. Besides, it's pointless. His Will be Done.

Well they call themselves a Christian band but they don't have very godly lyrics.

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no, they are not satanic, they're way satanic

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Q: Is 12 stone band a satanic band?
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