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Kevin is in the 4th video diary. It is on the verified One Direction YouTube page and is titled 'One Direction - Video Diary (Part 4).

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Q: In which video diary was Kevin in?
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Who is Kevin the pigieon?

Kevin appeared in the 4th tour video diary. It is a fake pigieon which became an icon in the Directioner fandom :)

What is pigeon's name that Louis had in a One Direction video?

The pigeon's name is Kevin. It is in the 4th One Direction Video Diary.

Who is Kevin in One Direction?

Kevin is a pigeon bird that Louis had with him on the video diary 4.

Who is Kevin the pigeon?

Kevin The Pigeon is known for being Louis Tomlinson's pigeon in the Video Diary 4 on YouTube. The official One Direction YouTube is OneDirectionChannel

What is Louis Tomlinsons pigeon called?

Louis Tomlinson's wooden pigeon is called Kevin. He appeared in their 4th Tour Video Diary.

When was Sam Jackson's Secret Video Diary created?

Sam Jackson's Secret Video Diary was created in 2012.

What is the duration of Sam Jackson's Secret Video Diary?

The duration of Sam Jackson's Secret Video Diary is 1.25 hours.

What is the name of the video that Louis Tomlinson does stop the traffic let the people through?

It's either Tour Video Diary 2, or Tour Video Diary 3.

Who in one direction plays drums?

None of them do.Louis plays piano (As he said on an X-factor video diary)Zayn can play the triangle. (Also said on the X-factor video diary.)Harry can play kazoo. (Said on the x-factor video diary.)Liam can play a little bit of guitar. (Said on the X-Factor video diary)Niall plays guitar also! (Said on the X-Factor video diary.)

What actors and actresses appeared in A Video Diary from Iraq - 2009?

The cast of A Video Diary from Iraq - 2009 includes: Ralphie May as himself

Who is Kevin the Pidgeon?

Louis Tomlinson's pidgeon from the 4th tour diary :)

How do you start a video diary?

To start a video diary, you can begin by deciding on a theme or purpose for your diary, setting up a quiet and well-lit recording space, and choosing a device to record with, such as a smartphone or camera. You can then simply hit record and start sharing your thoughts, experiences, or daily activities on camera. Remember to speak clearly and be yourself to create an authentic and engaging video diary.