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Wrath of the titans

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Q: In which movie trailer is Sweet dreams are made of this used?
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When was Sweet Dreams - Are Made of This - created?

Sweet Dreams - Are Made of This - was created in 1983-01.

What are the release dates for Trailer Made - 2010 Tin Dreams 1-1?

Trailer Made - 2010 Tin Dreams 1-1 was released on: USA: 1 November 2010

What is the older version of sweet dreams by Marilyn Manson?

The original version of 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)' was originally performed by Eurythmics.

Why was the Legend of Zelda movie trailer considered an April Fool's joke?

Because someone made it on the computer and as a joke post it as the movie trailer, it isn't really the movie trailer and their i no movie it was fan-made.

Do they make the movie or trailer first?

A trailer is simply edited clips from the movie. Therefore the trailer is made along with the movie. The editing is done afterwards

What song beyonce made the most money of?

sweet dreams

What rap song has sweet dreams are made of this in the lyrics?

Pink - Get the Party Started (Sweet DreamsRemix)

What is the name of the movie that has the this is what dreams are made of in it?

the Lizzy McGuire movie

What was Eurythmics's first song?

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) which was created back in 1983

What is dart player Robert Thornton's entrance music?

sweet dreams are made of these by eurythmics

What was the eurythmics' GROUP only number one hit?

"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"-1983

What actors and actresses appeared in Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese - 2012?

The cast of Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese - 2012 includes: Becky Bentley as Sarah Hannah Chalmers as Cathy Lawrence Kemp as Jez Karol Steele as Police Psychologist