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I know what you did last summer

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Q: In which movie does a Serial killer fisherman come?
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Where did the idea for the cereal come from?

from a serial killer

What happens in the movie prom night?

the killer gets out of jail and come get her at her highschool prom

Where did the Manson family come from?

they were pretty much a cult who lived with Charles Manson, who was a serial killer and pretty much insane.

What book has every serial killer in the last sixty years read?

I have not come with a book but in the related links box below I posted a link by tru tv with the serial killers.

Who is the man who ate body parts?

Hannibal lecter is the first one to come to mind. In the serial killer category you will find information on serial killers who ate body parts.

Who is camciscan and why does he come to njoro?

he is a fisherman

Is egocentrism a characteristic of serial killers?

There are no fixed traits to a serial killer. While some may be egocentric, that does not mean that all of them are. Like regular people, serial killers come from a vast number of backgrounds; thus, they have various personalities.

What are common links between a serial killer and their victim?

Most likely nothing will come to match a serial killer to the victim. That is a reason why those cases are very hard to solve. The cause of serial murder is usually tied to one of three explanations: biological, sociological and psychological; however, it is unlikely that any one theory provides a universal explanation of what causes an individual to become a serial murderer.

I was a detective on a serial killer case where the victims murdered where linked to the seven deadly sins I was the man to come to when you needed something in Shawshank Who am I?

Morgan Freeman

Was the movie scream based on the painting the scream by Edvard Munch?

No, the movie was not, but the mask the killer uses was. And it wasn't designed for the movie, it was originally just a Halloween mask the movie's creators happened to come across.

Did zodiac ever say that he will come back when a next movie about him will come because your brother said that he will be old by then is it true?

If you mean the Zodiac killer, then no that isn't true.

What is the difference between a fictional serial killer like Michael Myers in Halloween and a real life serial killer?

I've never come face to face with a real serial killer, nor would i want to. The difference is, I'm pretty sure, a real serial killer would have to put up more of a fight for one, and the people that were chasing would have a little more common sense I mean think about it, if someone with a knife was chasing you through a house, would you run up the stairs? or down into the basement? NO! you would run out of the house screaming right? Second, unless you run, REALLY slow, a real serial killer, I'm pretty sure would have run after you, not walk at a normal pace and stay like 2 feet behind you at all times...