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Flash Gordon originated in 1934 as a comic strip, then in 1936 went to the big screen as a movie serial, then 1954 TV series.

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Q: Did the Flash Gordon movie or TV series come first?
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What movie is ming the merciless found?

Ming the Merciless is to be found in the the 1980 film Flash Gordon . Ming the Merciless can also be seen in the Flash Gordon comic strip by Alex Raymond , the Defenders of the Earth animated series (1986-1987) , Flash Gordonanimated series (1996) and the TV series Flash Gordon(2007-2008) with live actors .

When did Flash Gordon start?

In the 1930's, as a newspaper comic strip, and as three movie serials (approximately ten-minute-long episodic films shown in theaters before the real movie began). Flash came back as a television series in the 1950's, as a full-length movie in the 1980's, and as another television series in the 2000's. Another Flash Gordon movie is in progress at the time of this writing. For a character in his seventies, Flash Gordon is still popular with science-fiction fans.

What movie has flash in the name?

Flash Gordon.

Is han solo more famous than flash Gordon or less?

More famous (this user has never heard of Flash Gordon) Flash Gordon's fame has endured far longer than Han Solo. Flash has had four movies and a tv series. Solo (as far as I know) has had only one movie.

What team did Flash Gordon play for?

In the 1980 movie Flash Gordon team was the Quarterback for the New York Jets.

What 1980 movie has max von sydow playing the part of the fiendish ming the merciless?

In 1980, Max von Sydow starred in two movies: as Gerald Mortenhoe in Death Watch,and as the Emperor Ming the Merciless and Ming's Floating Servant in Flash Gordon.

1980 movie ming the merciless?

Flash Gordon .

Is the Flash a marvel superhero?

The Flash is not a Marvel Character, he was created by the Detective Comics company, mostly known as DC, the Flash has starred in a movie and many animated series.

Is the series kidnapped by Gordon korman a movie?


Who are the main characters of Flash Gordon?

I am going to add a link for the Flash Gordon 1980 movie ( ImDb ) site so you can find all the info on Characters from the movie.

What movie did the rock band queen record the sound track for?

Flash Gordon.

Rock band Queen recorded the soundtrack to this science fiction movie?

Flash Gordon