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Leaving Las Vegas

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Q: In which film did Nicolas Cage play a suicidal alcoholic?
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In Knowing who does Nicolas Cage Play?

Nicolas Cage plays Professor Jonathan Koestler in the 2009 film Knowing

Complete the title of the Nicolas Cage Bridget Fonda film It Could Happen?

to you

Who provides the voice of Speckles the mole in the film G force?

nicolas cage

In which 2003 film does Nicolas Cage play a con artist?

matchstick men

Which film Nicolas cage play a master of university?

national treasure i think!!!!

What film did Nick Cassavetes direct with Nicolas cage and John Travolta?


What kind of bike does Nicolas Cage ride in the film Ghost Rider?

Some type of device

Nicolas Cage and Patricia Arquette appeared in which 1999 Martin Scorsese film?

Bring Out The Dead

Which David Lynch film features Laura Dern as the lead opposite Nicolas Cage?

Wild at Heart

What film does the quote 'Son you got a panty on your head' come from?

This is from the film called Raising Arizona. It stars Nicolas Cage and was released in 1987.

Who directed Matchstick Men?

This film, Matchstick Men, was directed by Ridley Scott. The film, starring Nicolas Cage, was released in September 2003.

Who were the stars of the 2009 film The Knowing?

Knowing is a film starring Nicolas Cage, Chandler Canterbury and Rose Byrne. This film is about predictions of the future and disaster that have happened and are about to happen..