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The very last episode of the two part season finale. Dark Victory Part 2. It's on YouTube. Just type in the name.

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Q: In which episode of Legion of Superheroes Season 2 does Brainiac 5 become organic?
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When does brainiac die in Smallville?

Brainiac is not capable of dying due to being a Kryptonian artificial intelligence program however he was temporary damaged by the Fortress of Solitude in the fifth season episode titled "Solitude" and he was destroyed by the Dagger that was created from the Fortress of Solitude that Jor-El gave to Clark Kent in the fifth season 22nd episode that was titled "Vessel," Jor-El while in control of Lionel Luthor's body was capable of destroying Brainiac's human form in the 21st episode of Season 5 titled "Oracle" and Clark Kent along with the assistance from the Legion of Superheroes were able to destroy Brainiac in the 8th season episode titled "Legion" however The Legion used the opportunity to take Brainiac into the future and reprogram him into Brainiac 5, a purified version of the corrupted Brainiac that he had fought before.

In which episode of Legion of Super Heroes does Brainiac 5 get his arm blasted off?

Season 1, Episode 3: "Legacy"

When will or were can you find legion of superheroes season 2 episode 8 at message in a bottle?

Look on Ebay.

Is there an albino superhero?

There was, his name was White-man (not very creative). The comic books about him were discontinued in the 1950's because it was viewed as racist or offensive. White-man's powers were that he could take off his mask to blind people and he had was supernaturally persuasive.

Who is the comics character Querl Dox?

Querl Dox is the "real name" of the character Brainiac 5 of the "Legion of Super-Heroes."The Legion (LSH) is a group of young DC Comics superheroes, set in the 30th and 31st century. They appeared as peers of the young Superman character "Superboy" in various DC Comics (Adventure Comics, Action Comics, Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes, The Legion) and in a DC animated series (2006-2008).

Where is the original Superman in the legion of superheroes?

0 no one likes him he is a perv

Where can you find good pictures of the legion of superheroes?

Look on google images (

What team is Superman in?

Superman is a founding Member of the Justice Society, the Justice League, and the Legion of Superheroes

Is there a super hero beginning with L?

* Lightning Lad (Legion of Superheroes) * Lilith (Teen Titans)

Did brainiac 5 marry Supergirl?

Supergirl dies in action in the ( Crisis) series- she is no longer a current charactr in the DC stable. It is true that Brainiac 5 (In Legion) seemed to have a crush on her, but knew this could not be consummated because she was doomed to die young. In other words, he knew in advance- Pit-falls of time travel/

What was the best season of Smallville?

One fan's opinion in regards to what is the best season of Smallville is it being Season 8 because it features Doomsday, Maxima from the planet called Almerac, Clark being temporarily trapped in the Phantom Zone and eventually reuniting with his cousin; Kara and Brainiac taking over Chloe Sullivan's human body, another reason is because The Legion (also known as the Legion of Superheroes) appearing in the series.

Where can you watch legion of super heroes season 2 episode 8?