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Season Three|Episode Eleven Emission Impossible

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Q: In which episode does Stewie go inside Peter?
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Which episode of Family Guy does Lois kiss Meg's boyfriend?

Season 8 | Episode 13: "Go Stewie Go"

What is the episode of family guy called when Lois kiss another man in front of meg and peter?

There's no such episode where Lois does it in front of both Meg & Peter.She is however, caught kissing Meg's boyfriend in Go Stewie Go

In which episode did Stewie go in Lois butt?

Your question makes no sense with "go in Lois butt", as there is no such episode where 'Stewie goes into Lois' butt', however you may be thinking of Season Four Episode 26 Petergeistwhen the exit of the spirit world was Meg's rear end.

What is the name of the episode where stewie does jackass2?

The episode is called Not All Dogs Go to Heaven (Season 7, episode 11 if you need to know.)

In which Family Guy episode do Brian and Stewie go to the North Pole?

Season 9|Episode 17 Road to the North Pole

What the episode called on family guy when stewie and Brian go to war?

Saving Private Brian.

What episode of Family Guy where Stewie loses the plane tickets to go home?

Road to Rhode Island

What episode of family guy does Stewie find a hustler magazine?

"Baby Not On Board". Stewie is left at home when the Griffins go traveling and he looks in Chris's room and finds the Hustler Magazine.

When was Go Stewie Go created?

Go Stewie Go was created on 2010-03-14.

Can everyone understand Stewie Griffin?

Seth has said that everyone is able to fully understand Stewie, but everyone treats him as the one year old child he is. For instance, Stewie recognizing himself as a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade and Lois simply humors him saying to Peter, he's a baby and he sees another baby on TV.Obviously Brian (& the few scenes with Jasper) and other babies fully understand and communicate with him regardless of the scene.He's not taken seriously unless the scene requires the other characters to do so.In several episodes, including the one where the family goes into the safe room, away from the robbers and the one where Brian, Peter, and Stewie are in the bathroom, episode unknown, both Lois and Peter talk to Stewie.Lois (to Peter): I, I have to agree with Stewie, Peter.Peter (to Stewie): Oh, I don't think so Stewie.In the above example, it may have been a gesture or physical/facial reaction that made Peter or Lois respond in this way.Chris asks Stewie directly about the Ewok joke he told.In the episode when Cleavland and Loretta break up and Stewie and Brian go to talk to her. BEFORE they knock on there door they have a private conversation as if they are off the set. In this conversation the mystery is revealed;Stewie: "is lorretta one of the characters that can understand me?"Brian: "you know i think she's close enough to the main characters to understand the jist of what your saying.."guy 1 (off camera): "Were rolling!!"Stewie: "oh right right right right right."*rings door bell*Stewie: says something about how glens crushed blah blahLoretta(TO STEWIE): "you know stewie i only really hear the jist of what your saying" - The end.All of the family hear Stewie to some degree; most do not fully comprehend what he actually says and treat him as if he was burbling in babytalk.

What is the episode when Peter and Brian go to Ireland?

Peter's Two Dads

In what episode does Peter Griffin go to the CIA?

This never happens in an episode of Family Guy.