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Q: In which Family Guy episode does Peter get a prostate exam?
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Who does Peter griffin fear?

Peter Griffon fears of getting a prostate exam.

Do women need a prostate exam?

No. Girls do not have a prostate, so they do not get prostate exams.

Do women have to have a vaginal exam before flying?

No and men do not need a prostate exam either.

What age should you get a prostate exam?

You should have regular prostate exams starting around age 40

Why do we need a prostate and by what age do you have to get it inspected?

It is needed to regulate the flow of urine from the bladder. It is also used in the production of sperm during sex. You should get a prostate exam starting at age 50. Unless there is a history of prostate trouble in your family, at which time you should start getting examined at age 40.

How do you check the prostate?

A doctor can quickly and easily check the prostate through a rectal exam. He will insert a finger into the rectum and check for abnormalities. The exam takes less than five minutes.

Palpation of the prostate gland through the rectum?

It is called a Digital Rectal Exam.

Is there a family guy episode where someone accidentally sits the wrong exam?

"where someone accidentally sits the wrong exam" ??? Um... what? Perhaps you should rephrase this and perhaps someone can answer your question.

What does a doctor stick up your butt?

They will stick their finger and a camera in while doing a digital rectal exam or prostate exam

How much does a prostrate exam cost without insurance?

about 500 The prostate exam is part of a routine (annual?) physical for men. Since prices are likely to vary worldwide you should check with your own doctor's office for the price of a physical and to ask if the prostate exam is available separately.

What are the sign of prostate cancer?

Most common signs of prostate cancer are: high psa level pain when the prostate is touched in a prostate exam irregularity in the size, texture or bumps found on prostate blood in urine enlarged prostate

What if i get sexually turned on during a prostate exam?

It's pretty normal, actually.