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i don't think she is :/ or maybe I'm wrong :)

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Q: In which 'Doctor Who' episode is Rose in a coma?
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What episode of Doctor Who is Rose in a coma?

There aren't any episodes where Rose is in a coma ???

What episode does Rose start in Doctor Who?

She first appears in the episode entitled "Rose" which is the first episode of the new series, episode 1.1.

What was the episode when the doctor tell rose the truth about his planet?

in the episode the end of the world

Do Rose and the Doctor meet in season four?

Yes, Rose returns from the parallel world at the end of episode 12, at the end of episode 13 The Doctor returns her and clone Doctor to her world to live their lives together.

What episode of Doctor Who is it where he shows Rose the future?

new earth

Which episode of Doctor Who has Rose and the clone Doctor staying together?

Journey's End (series 4 episode 13). - Edit: Episode 14 is Journey's end.

Does Rose come back in Doctor Who 2011?

Yes, Rose Tyler returns for a brief cameo in the 2011 Doctor Who episode "The Wedding of River Song," reuniting with the Tenth Doctor.

What is the doctor who who episode called when he is with rose Tyler and all the children are calling her mummy?

The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances

What Doctor Who are Rose Tyler and the Doctor in a hospital with the nurses that are cats?

New Earth (series 2 episode 1).

What episode in Doctor Who does Rose come back?

she appears in the episode Partners in crime and then comes back later in Turn left

Does Rose Tyler stay in Doctor Who after Season 4 episode 11?

No, she has left for good.

When do the Doctor and Rose Tyler kiss?

Rose and the clone Doctor kiss in Journey's End (series 4 episode 13). Although Rose and the real Doctor have kissed, Rose was possessed by Cassandra at the time.